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Year 8 ICT

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This year, aim to:

  • develop and improve the quality of your work using a greater range and complexity of information;
  • plan and design ICT-based solutions to meet a particular purpose and audience, showing how you can use several ICT tools together efficiency;
  • use more complex lines of questioning to test your theories about information you gather;
  • present your ideas in a variety of ways, showing a clear sense of who your audience is;
  • develop, try out and improve sequences of instructions for computer control;
  • use ICT-based models to make predictions about the future and vary the rules within your models;
  • judge how valid your models are by comparing their behaviour with information from other sources;
  • plan and review your work, create a tidy portfolio of digital evidence of your learning; and
  • discuss the impact of ICT on society.

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  • This topic builds on topic 1 of Year 7 (Presenting Information). You will have to think more about where information comes from, better ways of getting it and about checking its validity. You will then move on to look at some different ways in which information can be presented (hyperlinked presentations and audio).
  • This topic will be your first look at web design and creation. It has a lot in common with the work you did on presentations in Year 7 (remember purpose, audience and consistency?). You will learn to structure, design and create your own web site using HTML, Word and Dreamweaver.
  • Modelling was covered in topic 3 of Year 7, this topic will go further. You will create models from the beginning, making them as accurate and realistic as possible. You will also look at the concept of using models to simulate real life situations (testing planes for example) and create your own simulations.

  • Some data handling was covered in Year 7 topic 4. This topic gets you creating databases from the beginning using Access. You will create database structures and go on to create forms for viewing and entering data. You will be introduced to the concept of queries and will think about the ways that data can be presented, including integrating it into other software, like a word processed report.
  • You also looked at control systems in topic 5 of Year 7. This topic will extend and develop your ability to create sequences of instructions and flowcharts from the beginning, so you can practise your precision and efficiency. You will use Coco again and learn more about using loops, subroutines and variables.
  • This topic covers various aspects of ICT and how it is used in the wider world. You will think about the topical issues of the misuse of personal data (from spam to identity theft), health and safety, plagiarism and copyright and equal access to ICT and what effect it has on employment locally and internationally.
  • This topic is different. These tasks give you the chance to show off your ICT skills across a range of ICT areas. Each task takes a scenario as a main theme and then breaks it down into assignments that you will work on over several weeks. You can complete all the assignments, or you can pick and choose which parts you wish to complete.
  • ICT projects to stretch your computer skills further. These projects are themed by subject, but they all use ICT. You can send in your work if you want to.



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